Carson Andrew Deans has already become a captivating and magnetic performer. Staking his claim, and making a name as the “guitar kid” on the corner, Carson took to the streets to perform before passersby outside popular venues located in downtown Nashville (the notable destination for many aspiring hopefuls who cut their teeth on Broadway to become world famous). He’s played before the masses that travel Music City—CMA Fest and SEC Basketball fans—and the upper echelon at the Kentucky Derby.


No stranger to the spotlight or the stage, the 11-year-old has been a member of School of Rock for two consecutive years and a founding member of the Jr. House Band. He’s played front and center at a list of notable venues that many a successful indie artist highlights on his/her performing “resume” (including Exit-In, Basement East, The Fortress, Wild Wing Cafe, Piranha's Bar & Grill, at the Predators’ Plaza Party and Hard Rock Cafe).


Before entering the age of double digits, the young multi-instrumentalist had become proficient on electric, acoustic and bass guitar as well as piano/keyboards—with his passion dedicated to perfect the electric guitar.


Often sporting a “Van Halen” t-shirt, he is quick to identify Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young and Jimmy Page as some of his biggest guitar heroes.


“Eddie made ‘tapping the guitar’ a cool thing; I really like the sound of Angus Young’s guitar (a Gibson SG—I’d like to have one), and I like Jimmy Page’s riffs (not to mention his cool double-neck guitar—I’d like to have one of those too).”  


Following in his hero’s footsteps, Carson Deans can rip a good lick himself. Tearing up favorite riffs from “Eruption” (Eddie VanHalen), “Hail To The King” (Avenged Sevenfold), “Black Dog” (Led Zepplin), “Crazy Train” (Ozzy Osbourne) to “Johnny B Goode”(Chuck Berry) or runs that he’s written on his own, the guitar slinger has become a “must-see-to-believe” entertainer with a footprint of is own. Carson lives to play.   … and play, he does.


A Carson Deans Quick Q&A


Whose career would you like to mirror?  

“Chuck Berry because he started something new and lived to be really old; that’s impressive.”

What is your biggest hope/dream as it relates to your musical career?  

Short Term: 

“…drop out of the public school system; get a private tutor and head out on the road.”  

Long Term: 

“I hope to become a famous guitar player and create great music.”


How much money have you collected from fans as contributions to your “college fund” playing on the streets? 

“About $5,000; is that enough to buy a bus?”

What has been the biggest thrill in your musical career to date?  

“I’m booked to play my first real gig; I have a contract and everything. I’m going to perform at the 2018 Southern Hot Wing Festival in Memphis. Look out Elvis, here I come!”

With an affinity for both music and science, what do you wish to study in college someday?

“Science with a minor in ‘Star Wars’.”


What can you tell people to expect to see from your live performance?

“I like to play fast; so hang onto your hats!”

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