Carson Andrew Deans has already become a captivating and magnetic performer. Staking his claim, and making a name as the “guitar kid” on the corner, Carson took to the streets to perform before passersby outside popular venues located in downtown Nashville (the notable destination for many aspiring hopefuls
who cut their teeth on Broadway to become world famous). He’s played before the masses that travel Music City—CMA Fest and SEC Basketball fans—and the upper echelon at the Kentucky Derby.


Following in his hero’s footsteps, Carson Deans can rip a good lick himself. Tearing up favorite riffs from “Eruption” (Eddie Van Halen), “Hail To The King” (Avenged Sevenfold), “Black Dog” (Led Zepplin), “Crazy Train” (Ozzy Osbourne) to “Johnny B Goode”(Chuck Berry) or runs that he’s written on his own, the guitar slinger has become a “must-see-to-believe” entertainer with a footprint of is own. Carson lives to play.… and play, he does.

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